Meeting with suppliers from France at An Binh Group


On the morning of September 5, 2022 at An Binh Group office, a supplier meeting in France. The 3rd largest agro-food group in France. There are branches in France, Spain and Hungary.

As a corporation with criteria for products to provide customers with the best products:

Vendor selection:

Materials used come from file approved suppliers and selected according to exacting criteria.

Regular checks are carried out on the original sources to ensure that our products comply with French and customer standards.

Finished product quality

Good manufacturing practices and related checks are carried out throughout the production chain to assure our customers of products of the right quality that meet their requirements.

Regular third-party auctions (IFS) ensure respect for these parameters and the quality management system in place.

An efficient system makes it possible to trace finished products back to the raw materials and ingredients used and their suppliers.

Traceability, as defined by regulations and standards, is an indispensable guarantee of food safety. It ensures not only the identification of the raw material suppliers, but also the different places where the products are stored, not forgetting the equipment used in the production process.

and all processing operations performed for a given batch of finished product.

At the group it is ensured that these principles are strictly followed throughout the entire production chain.

– Strengths are processed products: sausage, smoked meat and eggs

– Frozen pork items can be supplied: Sparerib, Soft bones, Boneless shoulder, Boneless leg, Collar, moon bones, Pig skin, piano bones, femur bones, ham bone in, shoulder bone in, belly single ribbed, loin bone in

– The French group has a processing plant but no slaughterhouse, but can adjust the specifications according to the needs of customers.

The meeting was an exchange of information on cooperation between the two groups about the products that the French group could provide to An Binh Group.

Through the conversation, Ms. Veranika learned that An Binh Group is a large distributor of frozen meat products in Vietnam. The French group has the need to expand the market and business cooperation, and wants An Binh Group to be the number one partner of the group to distribute the products the group can provide. Detailed product information as well as specifications are meticulously introduced by the French side to the purchasing room.

An Binh Group also wants the partner group to provide reputable and good quality products that can meet the needs of Vietnamese consumers.

Ms. Hoa, head of purchasing department, also contributed ideas to the French group on how to buy goods, exchange purchase and sale information, contracts, invoices, C/O, H/C…

for easy customs clearance when the goods arrive in Vietnam.

The first container as well as the following will be favorable for the cooperation of the two sides.

Although the two sides do not work in the same language, with the spirit of cooperation and progress, all issues are understood and each other’s information is easily accessible.

The French group also visited the scale of An Binh Group, introduced the current departments and factories of the group. The French side highly appreciates the organizational structure of An Binh Group and hopes to work with the group for a long time.

The working session ended in excitement, hoping for a deeper and deeper cooperation between the two sides. With the spirit of cooperation, both sides develop together.

For more information, please contact 0944 83 86 88.

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