Frozen food and considerations when using


During the time of providing products to customers, we have received the most honest reflections from the frozen food products we offer.

We always absorb and try to provide the best quality products. In order to bring value to customers when spending 1 money

Our customers are quite satisfied with our quality. However, there are also small questions, as well as concerns when using the product.

Today we’re going to help our customers answer a few questions. As well as inquiries about our imported frozen products:


first,  Frozen food still retains the same taste and nutritional value?

Answer: From export to our warehouse. The products are always stored at a temperature of -18 degrees to -25 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, vitamins, lipids and proteins remain their values.

For frozen meat, quality is inversely proportional to the percentage of non-freezing water. The smaller the amount of non-freezing water, the higher the meat quality. At minus 18 degrees Celsius, about 10% of the water in the meat has not been frozen. Vegetables and some fruits must be treated to ensure quality when frozen. The packaging used for frozen products must be completely sealed and strong to ensure that lipids do not oxidize. Light sensitive products must be stored in opaque bags.

  1. Is food invasive by bacteria during storage?

Answer: Bacteria and microorganisms are inhibited at cold temperatures, especially when the water component in food freezes, they stop growing, even partially destroyed.

When the temperature rises, the bacteria will wake up and quickly multiply. Therefore, frozen food must always be kept at minus 18oC from the processing plant to housewives in one line: refrigeration – freezing – cold storage – cold cars, cold ships – warehouses. Refrigeration – distribution cold storage – household refrigerators.

Frozen food after defrosting must be prepared or eaten immediately, not re-frozen uncooked

  1. How long is the storage time?

Answer: The shelf life of frozen food depends on the ingredients, freezing method, technological process and packaging.

About ingredients such as fat, lipide, protit… the less fat the meat, the longer it can be kept. Beef lasts 2 to 3 times longer than pork, quick-freezing meat lasts longer than slow-freezing.

At minus 18oC can keep beef about 2.5 years, lean pork 1 year, fatty meat 8 months, poultry 7 to 8 months, fish 3 to 4 months, confectionery from 1 to 6 months. For longer storage, lower the storage temperature.

All above thing been told so that customers can be completely assured of our products. Because all products when imported with consumption, they only sell in 1-2 months.

  1. Does freezing affect product quality?

Our answer is yes – but it also has great advantages

In food freezing technology, there is a freezing stage down to minus 18oC. Slow freezing, ice crystals formed during freezing are large, tearing cell membranes.

When defrosting for cooking, a part of the cell fluid is lost by flowing through the cell membrane, causing quality loss. However, if it is buffalo meat, old chicken meat freezes slowly, it makes the meat less tough, soft and delicious.

Fast and extremely fast freezing, finer ice crystals, better preserved cell fluid, better product quality. Fast freezing can only be done on factory freezers, and slower freezing in home refrigerators.

5 . Need to defrost food quickly

That is exactly what we recommend to our customers using our frozen products. Because:

Defrosting is the reverse process of freezing, returning food to its original state. Rapid defrosting prevents the penetration and growth of bacteria, limiting the loss of cell fluid and product weight to a minimum.

Meat thawed at 20 degrees Celsius can have up to 10 billion bacteria germs per gram of meat. Eating this piece of meat can be dangerous. To minimize the loss of vitamins as well as cellulite, quality and flavor, it is best to process immediately after defrosting. Microwave can be used to defrost.

It is best to defrost by placing in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. While maintaining a cold temperature for the product, avoid the invasion of bacteria.

If you have any questions about the product, you can contact us directly via our phone number or hotline: 0944 83 86 88

Alternatively you can visit our website. Online support via live chat or to learn more about frozen products.


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