Completing stage 1: ABP Viet Nam food processing factory


With the goal of becoming a leading corporation in the field of imported foods in Vietnam, along with the proactive initiative in direct import, An Binh Group has boldly invested in and built factories, processing facilities, etc. food processing. In order to create the Group’s own food brands, we hope to be welcomed by a large number of domestic and foreign partners and customers.

Specifically, at the end of 2020, the group invested in building ABP Vietnam food processing factory in Gia Vien, Ninh Binh. The ABP factory will be an important part of An Binh Group’s closed supply chain from imported products to consumers.

After more than 1 year of construction, recently, the factory has completed phase 1, trial operation of the production line. This is the third food processing factory of An Binh Group.

ABP Vietnam Food Processing Factory has a scale of over 10,000 m2, a total investment of hundreds of billions of VND, including the main processing – production area, cold storage of raw materials, freezing area, preservation area, writer rooms, garages, infrastructure systems and other ancillary items.

In phase I, the factory has completed the infrastructure, imported machinery and equipment. The factory uses equipment imported from countries with advanced food technology and international standards

The factory’s main products include: Pork, chicken, beef, Indian buffalo meat… All of the factory’s products are officially imported from famous countries such as the US, Russia, India… . Quality controlled from raw materials to finished products, Transportation in the system requires standard cold storage levels to contribute to ensuring food hygiene and safety.

The products are preliminarily processed and packed according to a closed process, ensuring food hygiene and safety under the Athena brand.

Some requirements for food processing plants are as follows:

  1. For processing area

In a food processing factory, the area with the largest area is the processing area. As a place where workers are directly processing, so the processing area must have strict regulations and requirements such as:

Must ensure food safety and hygiene. Usually the processing area will be in the center and must be completely isolated from other areas. Before entering the processing area, they must wash their hands, clean them, change their clothes and protect themselves such as gloves, hoods, and boots in accordance with the factory specifications.

Because it is a special frozen product, the processing area must have the required temperature.

Processed water must be clean and meet technical requirements.

The drainage in this area needs to be ensured well, especially the drainage ditches to avoid the source of bacteria from there.

  1. For the freezing area

After preliminary processing – processing the product is frozen at standard temperature. Therefore, the freezing area must be planned adjacent to the processing area.

The temperature of the freezing area must reach -400C. Like the processing area, the freezing area also has very strict hygiene requirements and requires isolation from the outside, the floor and walls are also lined with ceramic tiles to ensure cleanliness.

  1. Preservation area

After freezing, the food is put into storage. Thus, the storage area needs to be planned next to the freezing area, besides, it is also connected to the export area to facilitate the export of goods.

The storage area requires a temperature of -200C and the floor and walls are covered with ceramic tiles to avoid mold and are always kept clean. When entering and leaving the storage area, it is necessary to have protective clothing to ensure hygiene, to avoid bacteria following people entering and leaving the food.

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