Enjoy a happy holiday with the great family of An Binh Group


Looking at the excited and happy faces of everyone experiencing the holiday trip in Nha Trang for the first time with all An Binh employees, we have a feeling that is beyond words.” a representative of the organizing committee shared. It can be said that the trip satisfied the expectation and anticipation of all employees during the two years of outbreak and prolonged epidemic.

Psychological “captains”

It can be said that this year’s vacation 2022 has been cherished by the Board of Directors, the “captains” of An Binh Group for more than 3 years. Therefore, every plan is detailed and meticulous from setting up a program BTC, choosing a venue, organizing unit, …to making uniforms and making hats for everyone are concerned by the Board of Directors. The vacation is one of the annual activities that An Binh Group pays special attention to to take care of the spiritual life of employees after stressful working days, and also an opportunity for members of An Binh’s extended family to exchange and increase the spirit of solidarity.

Fully enjoy a 4days 3nights stay in the coastal town of Nha Trang

Our journey consisted of 50 people including office staff in both North and South regions, starting at 5:00 p.m. on May 19, the Green travel organizer welcomed the group and checked in at Noi Bai airport to take a flight to Nha Trang at 19:50 and Tan Son Nhat airport take a flight at 18:00

But unfortunately, the flight of the group was delayed for more than an hour. End the first day when it is 00h the next day, check in at the 4-star Xavia hotel.

Second funny day with teambuilding program – Gala diner

Although the night before, the group checked in quite late, but on the morning of May 20 with a packed schedule, everyone had a buffet breakfast at the hotel with nutritious dishes and gathered on time to visit Ponagar Tower. .

One of the ancient towers left by the Cham people, located next to the banks of the Cai River in Nha Trang. Here, the group enjoyed the dances of the Cham people, learned about the traditional craft of pottery and weaving of the Cham people. With a time of nearly 1 hour, people took many photos to save the moments and beauty here. After that, the group continued the journey to visit and worship Long Son pagoda to pray for peace for the family.

After having lunch with attractive and exotic dishes and resting at the hotel, at exactly 15:30, the group was present at the beautiful Nha Trang beach to participate in teambuilding. The TEAM BUILDING program with the theme “Connecting Strength – Connecting Success” is very funny. Teams, teams have shown all the solidarity and strength of the whole team.

Impressions of the warm and cheerful Gala diner night.

The tour guide brought everyone to Au Thinh Lac restaurant – one of the most elegant and luxurious restaurants with professional lighting and sound systems, delicious and strange dishes, giving the group a memorable experience in Nha Trang. The GALA DINNER party was held with a cozy and intimate atmosphere, everyone felt happy and responded to their best during the program. Especially the special performances for the departments preparing to perform in the program “An Binh Group Gottalent”. The performances brought everyone from one surprise to another, in a vibrant and united atmosphere.

Interesting experiences in the itinerary to discover Vinpearlland Nha Trang

Interesting experiences in the itinerary to discover Vinpearlland Nha Trang

Starting the third day in the coastal town of Nha Trang, Green Travel’s guide took the group by canoe to Vinpearlland, unleashing themselves with indoor and outdoor games or water parks with impressive scenes.

At Vinpearlland, everyone in the group split up to explore and experience games,

Everyone visited Quy Vuong Zoo, visited Van Hoa hill with hundreds of blooming flowers, checked in the sub-desert of Africa with its unique cactus garden, explored Japanese gardens with Japanese houses, sky Gate, ….

Visit the colorful ocean world at Vinpearlland Aquarium with about 10,000 sea creatures swimming around.

Goodbye beautiful sea land

The 4th day of the holiday is also coming to an end, the tour guide will guide the group to depart to visit the romantic Nha Trang Bay, one of the 29 beautiful bays in the world.

Here, the group admired the whole beauty of Nha Trang Bay, experienced thrilling games such as scuba diving to explore the ocean, water moto, parachute flying, etc. at Con Se Tre tourist area. Everyone has lunch at a restaurant with typical coastal dishes and is free to rest and swim at Con Se Tre island. At 14:00, the group returned to the pier, the car and tour guide took the group to Cam Ranh airport process take flight to Hanoi and Saigon. Ending a meaningful 4-day 3-night tour of Nha Trang with the “Storm” match to celebrate the victory of Vietnam’s men’s football championship at the 31st SEA Games arena in overjoyed joy of the fans and the admiration of the opponents themselves.

It can be said that the holiday has been successful in building culture and solidarity among the office staff, and at the same time tightening affection and showing consensus in activities. Hopefully, through practical and meaningful activities in Nha Trang, An Binh Group’s staff and employees have had moments of rest and relaxation with their colleagues. Since then, everyone has more enthusiastic and effective working spirit, contributing to the development of An Binh Group to new heights.



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